words from members of the Rain Dweller Tribe

"The Rain Dweller Tribe has made such a great impact on my life. I have made so many connections with people whom I never would of met without this support system created by Chris. I have even reconnected with some old friends. When my counselor is not available but I need someone to talk to, there is always someone there. There is always someone there to help on those off days to remind me I am not alone in my challenges and this is all thanks to the resilience community that Chris has created. It does not matter how I am feeling, I know I have a place to turn where I will not be judged or have to worry about censoring what I need to say because I know I am not in this battle alone."
-Krystine C.

"I was lost for a long time after getting out of the military. In the military I had a bolt in support and network of friends that were always there and never left you behind. I found out the hard way that’s not how it works in the civilian military world. Since I have found resilience supply I have made many connections and connections through connections that are beyond amazing! I feel like a human being again. I have plans to actually go out and do things with people and not just myself and I am way more happy. I know that I have support system besides my amazing family I can fall on. Also the learning is amazing! I am learning so many new things from tarot cards to astronomy to zodiac signs and how this all applies to my life and my over well being. I just want to say thank you!"
-Kelly B.

"How can I possibly describe Chris? I had an extremely traumatic experience blow up my world. I was lost, I didn't know what to do - I didnt know what to feel, and I felt alone. I saw this "thing" called Resilience. I honestly thought it was a cult. I joined a check-in, and I fell in love. I finally felt a community who understood me. I felt the no-judgement. I felt a truly safe space with people who felt just like me, to air my issues, my concerns, my happiness, my sadness. I found a community. I have never met any of these people in person - yet I feel this connection. I feel this strength. I feel this guiding force behind me, that lets me know, I am not alone. I am a Raindweller. We are all weathering different effects of the same storm. By leaning on each other, I found a community, and a family. What I feel in my soul...I love what you have created. I cannot wait for resilience day. To finally meet you in person - you and Sarah. you two have these infectious smiles, personalities, and energy, i can just feel your connection to each other. My low was my relationship. I have posted in the chat about it....but there is something about the two of you, that truly is infectious, and makes me feel like you are my people. I am so grateful I found you and this community."
-Matt O.

"Resilience saved my life. Last October (2020) I was in a really dark place. I was crying for help and my friends at the time just weren’t understanding where I was coming from. I was in-between therapists and feeling alone in the world. Like nobody was listening or actually hearing me, like nobody wanted to help. I attended my first gathering in Portland Ct. I knew no one and I even showed up a half hour late. I didn’t know what to expect I just knew I needed help and to feel understood. There were a lot of people there. But I didn’t feel overwhelmed in the slightest. Chris and Sarah lead a beautiful meditation and then Chris pulled a tarot card to help us dive deep into our emotions + journal/reflect. As someone who is familiar and uses these practices myself I felt an instant soul resonance and connection. Afterwards we were able to share. It was healing magic. I felt safe and held the whole entire time. I cried in front of 20+ strangers just letting out all my woes. I was really not in a good state. It felt good to hear that other people were going through similar things as I was. It felt good to be heard and not dismissed (as I had been previously by people in my life). It felt good to get it out. Post sharing we had some cool-down activities to help us ground and connect deeper after getting lots of heavy things out in the air. I could tell the whole structure Resilience provided was well thought out, positively enforcing, engaging, safe, and fun! Afterwards we had snacks provided by Sarah and Chris (they typically come in clutch with the snacks, but I didn’t know that yet). We had a time to mingle and chat with others and I was amazed by all the kind people who came up to me thanking me for being so brave to share. It felt so nice to be seen, heard, loved and thought of as brave for my emotions that felt weak. I left that day with many new friends. I was blown away by the kindness in this community. I was even invited to attend a photoshoot afterwards for the brand. Something I didn’t plan on doing, but it felt special to be included and just welcomed to come even though I didn’t know anyone prior. I fit right in. Resilience is a community that is welcome to all and my experience truly shined a light on that aspect. At the time I felt like the world was shutting me out. As I mentioned I was in-between therapists, my friends weren’t fully understanding what I was going through emotionally, and I felt really alone and like I didn’t want to be here anymore. When I attended a Resilience Gathering on a whim it changed not only that day and my mindset...but my life. The Resilience Community Chris built has the most amazing, kind, and open hearted essence. The people in this community motivate me daily and see me for how I authentically am. They also encourage me to step into my power and better my life. After being surrounded by a lot of people in my life who weren’t motivating me or seeing me in those ways..it’s a breath of fresh air. Resilience is a community backed by kindness, oneness, and acceptance. It’s the true value of CommUNITY. Which I also value deeply and craved to find a community like this, before I found Resilience. I am able to be myself here in this space, heal, grow, laugh, cry, share, and connect deeply to other humans who understand Mental Health and who are dedicated to bettering themselves. A-ho."
-Ilanna M.

"I met Chris back in 2017 and have had Resilience Supply as a very active part of my life since then. My life wouldn’t be the same without this community. I have gained self confidence, a deeper understanding of myself, and have been able to set goals and be successful in them due to the support I've been given. I am now back in college, working two jobs and volunteering my time to Resilience Supply because I stand by all the work and effort that goes into the mental health community Chris created. Chris and this community stood by me when I was at my lowest and allowed me space to grow when I was not strong enough to hold my own. This community has brought such a healing light to my life. Between our in person gatherings and our weekly check ins I have been able to gain accountability for my mental health and growth process. I can't say I would have had as many accomplishments in my life if not for Resilience. Having PTSD, ADHD and anxiety and depression, the day to day is truly a struggle for me, but this community and our accountability chat group has made even the hardest days manageable. Everyone in this community has so many powerful gifts to offer and I am truly grateful and honored to be a part of something so empowering."
-Kayla F.

"A few months ago, I found myself in a dark place. The anxiety I was dealing with on a daily basis ultimately brought my self esteem to an all time low and I became depressed. I no longer felt like myself anymore, I isolated myself pushing away friends and family not wanting to be a burden for their help.I ultimately broke down to my mother because I couldn’t take it anymore, it was getting to be too much. It was then when I started attending Resilience zoom check-ins, which has since changed my life for the better. Here I met amazing people from all walks of life, going through similar issues I deal with. All going through the same journey in life, we help each other out however way we can based on our own life experiences. Whatever we go through, we never feel like we’re going through it alone.My journey of self-discovery thus far since has been eye opening but I’m now really excited and optimistic of what my future now brings. Love my tribe, I honestly don’t know where I’d be mentally if I hadn’t of joined Resilience. I am forever Resilient, I am forever a Rain Dweller."

"Resilience has impacted my life by bringing a sense of community online and in person when I need it. It also feels amazing to be able to give back to others in the group when they are in need of advice or reassurance. Everything and everyone comes full circle in this community and it’s something special to be a part of."