The Sentinels of the Rain are the Pillars of the Rain-Dweller Tribe. We are Warriors of the Light dedicated to the energetic expansion of the universe, raising the roof for collective healing and growth as leaders, servants and soldiers. Need some support? Message us!



Father Resilience

Hey all, it's me Chris.

Resilience is my baby. The idea for this project towards the end of the summer in 2016.

At this time I was transitioning out of the Army after eight years of service and I was really struggling with my mental health.

I felt as though I had lost my purpose and I was dealing with a lot of heavy emotions that I did not know how to handle so I abused substances, jumped in and out of toxic relationships and suffered from severe panic attacks alongside daily feelings of anxiety and depression.

I had always had a love and appreciation for illustration and when I was younger i would create my own characters, stories and comic books. I never really took my art seriously though and I lost touch with this side of me during my service.

Then one sleepless, panic-filled night I felt a strong call to reconnect with this passion and I created my first t-shirt. When I made this shift, I felt so full in my purpose and everything began to align for me.

It's been quite the journey since that night, full of exciting proud moments of accomplishment; frustrated moments of failure with yelling and punches thrown at the bag; deep fearful moments of doubt; and radiantly aligned moments of strong gratitude.

I channel my passion for art to create clothing with positive messages for our Rain-Dweller community to wear as armor, to remind us of our true power and that we are never alone.

We do a lot here at Resilience to bring tools to the community to utilize for inner peace and encouragement of self growth. If you have any questions about what we can offer you or if you are looking for support, please send me a message and let's connect.


The Shaman

Hello loves! I'm Sarah. Chris's wife, and a big part of the Resilience family for the last few years.

I'm a wedding & motherhood photographer, but so much of my passion comes from a greater purpose. I have a degree in psychology & have always been fascinated with the human mind, and what makes us, us. During my last semester of college, I was introduced to Shamanism & dove head first into it. Spirituality has been the foundation for everything I do. It helped me find tools to move me forward on my journey, connect with like-minded people, and cultivate an unwavering sense of purpose.

The work is usually pretty messy, and painful. But it's SO worth it. And this community is here to remind you that you're not alone in your struggles. That we've got each other, and have access to SO many helpful tools & resources.

We aren't meant to do this alone.

Just like everyone here on our team, and in our community - I am here to support you. Feel free to reach out at any time, ask me questions, seek guidance, anything. I'd love to see you at our next virtual check-in, or in person gathering. We've got you. 💛🙏



The Clairvoyant

Hi loves! I'm Sara, a Boxer/Frenchie mom, a Money & Mindset coach and someone who has struggled with her mental health her entire life. I'm the biological makeup of two drug addicts and alcoholics. I was granted a legal guardian at 6 week olds, and the same single mother raised me and has been there my entire life.

Growing up, I felt so different from everyone around me. My family dynamics. My emotions. My thoughts. I didn't understand why I never had many close friends, even though I was a social butterfly, and why life felt so difficult.

It wasn't until I came across Resilience and started attending the monthly in person gatherings that everything in my life shifted for the better. I began to understand that I wasn't alone in my thoughts and emotions. More healing began within me. Andddddd I found a community of people that I genuinely resonate with. This is a community, like no other and I'm happy to have found my family.


The Wizard

Heyy wassup, wassup!

My name is Victor & I am a mental health advocate, healthcare worker, nursing student, mindfulness & meditation coach, & a proud member and supporter of the resilience team.

When it comes to our mental health & overall wellbeing, many of us are not equipped with the tools needed to successfully and effectively get through the challenging or difficult circumstances life can throw our way. I know, because I experienced such challenges in my own life.

But after learning about ways to get my mind right again & then applying that knowledge & new found skillset onto my own mental health and life, something happened...Positive change happened.

In seeing all the amazing benefits & transformation I have gone through, like in the way I think, feel, & behave, I have found that using mindfulness & the having ability to be resilient, can help to create a difference. Because it created a difference for me. Its possible that it can happen for you too.

And while I can offer space to those who need it on my own, I find that through the collaborative power of what resilience and mindfulness can do together, it not only strengthens our abilities to create real & transformative change within ourselves & to a wide range of individuals who need it, but I have discovered that being apart of this team, allows for me to also build up on and experience a sense of community, unity, connection, & more ways for us to share tools to heal a worried or un-healed mind.

Together we are all stronger. Together we are all resilient. Together we can cultivate a mindful, joyful, empowered & peaceful life.

Let’s get itttttt. ❤️


The Fairy

Hey there! My name is Naomi, or Nao for short. I’ve been apart of Resilience starting this past fall 2020. The community has become nothing short of family to me. I know I have people I can go to at any time of day or night and get help on just about anything. Whether it’s fighting demons in addiction or past trauma, Resilience is a judgement free zone and everyone is there to help or be helped.
The reality of Resilience is that we want to hold ourselves accountable for our mental health and the things we can control. Each one of us as team members want to be examples for others who might not realize they would enjoy having a community supporting the small wins.
A little about me:
I’ve definitely struggled to keep my mental health right because I always gave away my power. I didn’t surround myself with people who uplifted the best parts of me but wanted to see me change. I was diagnosed BP and ADHD in my early teenage years. I fought the diagnoses and much later found out I had been suffering from spinal, neck, and coccyx damage. I couldn’t figure it out because the voices around me were too loud and I eventually took to substance abuse to numb all pain.
I am about a year into physical therapy and rehabilitation for my injuries and I can already see a world of difference in my moods and my organization. Resilience has allowed me to continue this transition into who I truly am without a single word of judgement from anyone. It does not matter how I show up. They always accept me.
Thank you for taking the time to visit this page! Support is only a quick message away<3 We would love to meet you! 


The Warrior

Well howdy! My name is Ryan and I have been a Rain-Dweller for a couple years now.

A little about my journey: I was a Veteran at 19, deploying to Afghanistan where I was a gunner. Since then, I have been struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. I was conditioned to believe that strength was how tightly you could hold things in and not let them bother you. Well, for a Pisces, that’s hard. I hit a point where I was at my lowest, and when I was starting to pick myself up, I found Chris, Sarah, and Resilience. It changed my life. I found a group of people who didn’t judge me, didn’t see me just as a broken soldier, but as Ryan. They encouraged my music and brought a spark of creativity I thought I had lost. I hope to share how healing music can be to our tribe.

With Resilience, I found comfort in dealing with the day to day, knowing I always have my tribe to lift me up. I found strength in unity. I found love in darkness. I encourage everyone I meet to check us out, because I was always told I’m not alone, and now I believe it. Now I know it. Ah-ho.


The Witch

Hi my name is Ilanna, and I am so excited to be apart of this Resilience team because it’s such a beautiful community.

I have always believed in human connection and the collective and how we are stronger together, rising each other up. While struggling it’s always been helpful for me to have a support system and people around me who genuinely care and acknowledge what I am going through.

Resilience is that. I know all to well that it is not easy to always cultivate a support system, however Resilience gives that opportunity almost over night.

I am 27 years old and have struggled with my mental health all of my life. I have been in low places and have always chosen to move forward. In the mist of just living my life and survival I have found so many kindred spirits who have mirrored my personal experiences and I have always tried my best to help them through. I can see myself in anyone’s story and I love being a part of a team to help those who need good people who believe in them. I believe in you.

I feel that I can bring strength, empathy, understanding, and humor to all fellow Rain dwellers. I will do my best to make you all feel seen and heard and to be your personal cheerleaders celebrating the little and the big things. I can’t wait to connect with all of you, ah-ho