Resilience Day is our signature annual event occurring in May, locally in Connecticut.

Our 2022 date is to be announced late 2021.

Join us as we celebrate art, community and holistic wellness.

We will have Artist & Holistic Wellness Vendors, Food Trucks, Live Music and more.

Throughout the day there will be 1:1 and group holistic wellness activities to experience.

Come connect with our community, gain new tools for self-care and make friends off the rip!

This event is child friendly and has a kids art tent!


Resilience Day 2021 was a huge success! We gathered at Riverfront Park in Portland, CT to collectively explore, learn, connect and heal as individuals within a community setting.

There was meditation, yoga, breath work, sound healing, drum circles, kendamas, astrological and oracle readings, community art healing, local art, live music and much, much more!

Heres what some people who attended had to say:

"Have you ever experienced the feeling of riding a bike so fast and feeling so free? For me, my helmet always created a sense of safety, no matter how fast I was going and allowed me to enjoy the ride fully! This is how the Resilience Community helps me feel. Despite anything I experience in this lifetime, I know I have a group of soul-full individuals who I can reach out to, completely by myself and feel safe with. I never experienced this feeling of safety from others, until I started attending Resilience Gatherings and Resilience Day brought those feelings to a whole new level. Wholesome people who truly love one another and believe in community! That’s what life is about. It’s what we’re missing so much of in the world today. The day was so beautiful and I’m beyond excited for next year!"

"As an introvert and some who suffers from high anxiety in crowds, I went to this event only truly knowing 3 people. Even though I have connected with many people from the resilience tribe, this was my first in person event and meeting them. I did end up bringing my service dog as an extra support. The atmosphere was so enlightening and encouraging and the energy was contagious! There was not a sad soul in the crowd! You could see the smiles spreading and the hugs flowing. A smile is as contagious as a yawn and there was no yawning! There was so much education and love and support from everyone there! I am so glad seeing Resilience coming into bigger things as it is such an amazing group full of such supportive people and this event just proves how stepping out of your comfort zone, you may even feel more comfortable 💜 Great job Chris, you truly are making a difference"


10:00 am Doors Open
10:15 am Introduction Speech and Resilience Bus Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony by Resilience Founder Christopher Durao
10:30 am Live Music on the Soulful Stage: Our very own, Ryan Ward
11:00 am Group Activity at the Rain-Dwellers Retreat area: Yoga Flow with Ray Mizia
11:30 am Live Music on the Soulful Stage: Erin Roccapriore and Ryan Tanner
12:30 pm Group Activity at the Rain-Dwellers Retreat area: Drum Circle with Andrew
1:00 pm Group Activity at the Rain-Dwellers Retreat area: Gathering of the Rain-Dwellers 14
2:15 pm Live Music on the Soulful Stage: Silver Skull
3:00 pm Group Activity at the Rain-Dwellers Retreat area: Breathwork and Sound Healing Session by Lydia McClain and Kelvin Young
4:15 pm Live Music on the Soulful Stage: Kelsey Blackstone
5:00 pm Live Music on the Soulful Stage: Tone Deaf
5:30 pm Final Thoughts with Christopher Dura

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