The Rain-Dwellers

Hi everyone! If you're reading this, then you somehow stumbled across this adventure I have been on over the last three years either online through social media or out at an event somewhere in New England. The last few years I have been making it my mission to create more awareness for mental health and provide others with tools for self-care and an alternate perspective to approach struggle. The best way I have found to go about this is to carry out this reflective and transformative journey myself.

Throughout this journey I have learned much about how I used to interpret things that happened to me and how changing that interpretation helped me manage my life in a way that I choose instead of it being chosen for me. Life is not without it's struggle, but because of these newfound skills, I am able to carry on with Resilience and hopefully teach others what I have learned.

I define a Rain-Dweller as one who as endured the storm in their mind, and can now go out and help others seek shelter. This does not mean that the helper does not struggle themselves, but that we can all lean on each other for support and remind each other of our own might.

I coined Rain-Dweller initially because of my attraction to water and rain. When I was really struggling mentally, it was always comforting to me to listen to the sound of running water, even if it was just through headphones in my bed with the covers pulled over my head, calming me from the onslaught of a panic attack.

The mind can be a dark and haunting place when your thinking alters your perception of reality. We move fast in today's society, and it's easy to take a quick wrong turn and end in that place, and not so easy to find your way back out. But if we have a few tools at our disposal to utilize when we feel these ways and know we are not alone, that there are others to help us enact these tools and remind us of our own power, then we can endure any storm.

Thank you for being a Rain-Dweller. It is such an important part of this community and its strength in helping us all.

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    phojets on
  • Hi I read about you in the Berlin Citizen sounds like your fulfilling a need no one likes to address ,where do you sell your t shirts I wouldn’t mind helping

    Steve Kolakowski on
  • I had the privilege of supporting your cause last week at an art/craft show. Such a great cause!! Having several family members who struggle themselves it is comforting to know that there are people out there trying to bring awareness to these issues people deal with on a daily basis. Hoping to go to the event in Hartford. Would love to talk to get more info. I am moved by your cause and would love to support that in any way that I can.

    Monica Gervais on
  • I am very proud of what you have accomplished in the past 3 years and support ALL your future dreams and endeavors. There is such good advice on this site when and if you need it, and we all do struggle from time to time. Life is hard and unfair sometimes and we need to learn how to cope and deal with situations. I am happy to be a part of this “family” you have created! It is hard but not impossible to become RESILIENT!! <3

    Paula Durao on

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