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Hey all! I’ve been working on coming up with formats for these different weekly sources of mental health value I am providing as to give myself some guidance each week to better serve you all. So below I am going to write a list that can be easily read to identify these systems and explain a bit about them.


Daily Accountability Support Texts

Daily texts straight to your phone

  • Set goals and get support from a group of individuals dedicated to holding each other accountable and giving each other encouragement and support for healing and growth
  • These texts are via the mobile app WhatsApp and you can join here:


Weekly Virtual Check-In Hour

Wednesdays at 7pm est

  • Grounding: 10 min - Meditation
  • Tarot: 10 min - Pull Card, Prompt Question
  • Sharing: 20 min - Model Share, Space for Sharing
  • Journal: 5 min - Write about Prompt
  • Gratitude: 5 min - Write 3 examples, Share 1
  • Goals: 5 min - Write and share 1
  • Set Intentions: 5 min - Closing Statements


Weekly Newsletter

Wednesday Mornings

  • I send these out weekly and post them to my website and Instagram bio
  • I write a personal mental health blog and give updates about products and events
  • You can sign up for these by subscribing to my email list at


Weekly Instagram Live/IGTV

Thursday Afternoons

  • I interview different lightworkers, practitioners and mental health advocates about their mental health journey, where they are now and what they bring to the community
  • These can be found Live on the app Instagram while the interview takes place and posted to my IGTV later on. My Instagram handle is

Weekly Product Drops – COMING NEXT WEEK

Fridays at 7pm est

  • I will be releasing exclusive handmade clothing drops with different designs and clothing styles each week
  • These drops will be limited and one time only so if you see something you like, set an alarm for 7pm est on Fridays and get it before they sell out
  • This is how I support everything I do with Resilience so please consider purchasing an item if you like what I do. You can find a link to my online shop at:


Monthly Gathering of the Rain-Dweller Events

Once a month for 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon at 1pm est, check the events page on my website for dates and locations:

  • Introductions: 10 min – I talk about Resilience and the Gatherings, myself and then we introduce ourselves and get welcomed by the group.
  • Grounding: 10 min - Meditation
  • Reading: 10 min - Reading, Prompt Question
  • Sharing: 30 min - Model Share, Space for Sharing
  • Presentation/Activity: 30 min – Different every Gathering. This space is for self-care/mental wellness education and practice.
  • Set Intentions: 5 min - Closing Statements
  • Free Time: 25 min - Food, Socialize, Journal, Art, Music


This week has been really good for me. I moved my shop over to its new location and things have begun to go back to some normalcy for me. I thrive on a schedule and all my nerdy productivity planning has been put into action this week in the new space and I am in a good place because of it. Life things arise and I can shift things around and re-plan but overall, I can stick to the guidelines I set for myself and it feels good.


I am catching up on some client jobs, finishing one yesterday and beginning another today. By next week I should be able to roll out with my new workflow and release weekly product drops on Fridays at 7pm est and start a new consistent content schedule with my social media.


This week I set a goal for myself to get to the gym four times in the morning and to do some meditation/tarot/journaling three times in the evening. So far I have been to the gym twice and done self-care things twice so I am off to a good start!


Tonight at 7pm I am hosting my weekly Virtual Check-In Hour. Come join me via ZOOM and do some self-care things with me. You can find the link to join the event here:


Until next week,


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