Reframing a Bad Day




I had a frustrating day today. Nothing went as I had planned.

Having spent a lot of time in the past decade in the military, I like my routine and structure. It really helps me to be productive, as well as keep my anxiety at bay knowing what I am going to be doing and when I will be doing it.

As I have my own full-time business that pulls me in many directions, (illustration, printing, marketing, organizing community events, running those events, finances, shipping, and so much more) I keep a very detailed calendar app that I fill out often to affirm that I stay on top of everything I need to get done and also to hold me accountable to doing the self-care and family things that keep me going. 

This week I have a lot of production and new project stuff to do, and I made it a goal of mine to wake up at 6am and get to the gym three times this week. I haven’t been to the gym consistently in a long time and getting back to a gym routine is something that keeps coming up for me in my thoughts.

When I am working out regularly, I feel more energetic, happier and my days become more productive. It just makes me feel good getting those endorphins flowing and that positivity I gain radiates in all aspects of my life.

Monday and Tuesday, I woke up at my alarm at 6am and got to the gym. It felt great to work my muscles and my good mood continued the rest of those days. Today, I woke up at 8am. In the past I would have been upset by this and it would have thrown my whole day off.

But I woke up at 8am and thought to myself “Well you haven’t worked out in a long time until recently and your body is working hard, so the extra rest is good for you, you needed it.” And I decided that I would still workout before I began work for the day.

But then I got thrown curveball after curveball all day and nothing seemed to go my way. I was getting frustrated and felt helpless.

“Why can’t anything go smoothly for me, even once today?” I didn’t get back to my shop until late afternoon after having to run a lot of unexpected but necessary errands that seemed to keep multiplying.

“Well now the day is ruined! It’s going to throw my whole routine off the rest of the week!” I thought. But then I remembered that even though I didn’t get done the things I wanted to get done, the day was not over AND I had gotten done a lot of things that needed to get done. Those boxes are now checked, and perhaps I needed a day that would consist of mostly driving and although I was moving, I had more moments where I could intentionally breathe. Additionally, driving while listening to music always makes me feel good and I got to do plenty of that today. AND I now have inspiration to write this blog that I was scheduled to write today. Without these frustrating occurrences, I would not have written this here and now.

While today was not ideal, I am grateful that today brought me the gifts it did. As I write this, I am realizing more and more that today is what I needed, and the universe provided it to me. I am now overwhelmed with gratitude for my life and how things work out because I manifest them. The good and the bad are all important. Without those things, we would not be living the fullest potential of the human experience. We learn from both good and bad things and continue to adapt and align ourselves more with who we want to be. In this sense, the bad is good.

On another note, writing down my experiences from today just now helped me to form this clear thought pattern and align myself with gratitude. Journaling is such a useful tool. When I have a lot of overwhelming thoughts, I usually get things all tangled up in my head and I end up in a whirlwind of anxiety. But when I take the time to write them down, I have a full, concise picture of what I am dealing with and can use the information to process it better and/or to create action steps to move forward.

I hope that sharing my written experiences from today will help you to remember that it is our perspective of what is happening to us that creates feelings of sad, frustrated, angry, happy, etc. The occurrences themselves are neutral. If you are feeling down today, I encourage you to ground yourself and write down your thoughts, examine them and form a new thought that will better serve you.


Until next week,


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