Half a year of 'The Gathering of the Rain-Dwellers'

Hello everyone!

If you are a continued supporter of Resilience, I want to thank you for showing up here and investing in all that I do. I am very grateful for you and it is everyone of you that make this community so ineffably full of value and support for us all.

If you are new to Resilience and the mission I have set out upon, I'd like to catch you up!

Resilience is a community that supports mental health by engaging with it's members both online and in the physical world to encourage positive group activity and communication of individual battles of the brain to make known that no one is alone in their struggle and can access a support system of fellow compassionate and understanding human beings at any given time to ease transcendence and self discovery.

We promote growth through good, grounded use of the present​ and support provided from fellow compassionate humans known as Rain-Dwellers.

Rain-Dwellers are those who have endured the storm in their mind and help others lost within its calamity find sanctuary. Our sanctuary in Resilience is known as The Safehouse, and all of our family is welcome.

The Safehouse is both and online and physical gathering point for us: 

Resilience Family: The Safehouse Online is our online community has about one thousand members who show up with strength and courage, are vulnerable, and share their stories of struggle and Resilience. We are a family of like-minded individuals who show compassion, support and remind each other that we are not in it alone. We are a team.

Currently, we host monthly community events around Central Connecticut where we invite our family to come together for connection, purpose and growth. We organize volunteers with expertise in different practices to put on mindfulness activities so others can experience alternative forms of self-care. We call these events The Gathering of the Rain-Dwellers.

Our next Gathering will be our sixth event. We have been doing this for half a year now and it is incredible to see its growth. We continue to grow our family and see continuously recurring Rain-Dwellers bring their friends to the experience. Each event is different, and we have had a multitude of practitioners come and put on their 'thing' for us all to experience. We have had yoga flows, tarot readings, music jam sessions, drum sound healing, reiki healing, guided meditation and art therapy at our events. They are always catered with delicious food and we have many activities and games to celebrate what we accomplish.

Our goal is to open a physical Safehouse, a space for us to have a permanent home for our events. This space will also be a hangout lounge for our Rain-Dwellers to gather, connect and not feel alone. There will be ongoing positive activities and a welcoming atmosphere.

All of these events and tools are FREE for the public to utilize. I support this cause by selling handmade clothing that I design and make myself. Your purchase of this clothing directly contributes to the on-going monthly mindfulness events we host and directly to the foundation of The Safehouse.

I invite you all to our next event, The Gathering of the Rain-Dwellers #6. It is Sunday, October 27 at Mac650 on 650 Main Street Middletown, CT 06457 from 1-5pm. I hope to see you all there!

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