Being Kind To Myself


I’m very busy this week, but in a good mentally. I have a giant workload, finishing up the preorders from July 17, and printing the Basic stuff, plus client work. I was literally looking for free hours in my schedule last night and I was having trouble. Busy is good, but also to be this busy I need to make sure I am maintaining my own mental health, so I don’t burn out in a depression or work myself up with anxious thoughts.

For me, that looks like going to the gym in the mornings and doing some self-care stuff in the evening like meditation, tarot and journaling. Then giving myself time to relax, recharge and get back at it the next day.

Last week I was really good about getting up early and getting myself to the gym. This week I struck out three days in a row. Normally, this would upset me, but I have been trying to be gentler with myself recently.

I am constantly hard on myself and with that comes negative self-talk: “Can you even do this thing, are you capable?” “You should be doing better” “This should be easy for you by now” I have been trying to be more conscious about when and why these types of thoughts come up because they do not serve me, and if I am more gentle with myself, I realize that I am capable, and I am doing an amazing job, and I have come so far, and I continue to grow, and I am an artist, and I create cool things, and I do good work for the community.

Those negative thoughts do not define me, and when I show myself some compassion, that is clearer. I still have some more chances this week to make it to the gym, or to do all the self-care things that are good for me. Nothing needs to be perfect, but with continual effort and a little self-love and belief, I will accomplish all that I set out to achieve, and so can you.


Until next week,



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