Reflecting on Resilience 7/30 ☔️💜

Happy Friday Rain-Dwellers! Here’s a recap of what’s happening within our Resilience community the week ending in 7/30.

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Mantra of the Week:

Self-Care Tool: Movement

Movement is vital to my daily self-care. Stretching and moving my body allows me to circulate and shift my energy to not remain stagnant within my body. Stagnant energy manifests as pain for me, and moving keeps me above my pain and capable of all that I do.

As I move, my muscles activate and send my body endorphins which aid in my positive outlook and demeanor. I love the soreness and the sweat that comes from a good work out, it helps me feel alive! Blood flowing, I gain more energy and speed, creating a space for productivity.

My favorite forms of daily movement are yoga and skateboarding. I discuss skateboarding further and what this practice has done for me in the upcoming issue of Resilience Magazine, mailing to subscribers this Friday. Order your copy online today!

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Upcoming Events

Sunday, August 15

Gathering of the Rain Dwellers 15

Riverfront Park, Portland CT


If you are local to Connecticut, come join us at Riverfront Park in Portland, CT for an afternoon with community to encourage, love and support one another.

We will meditate as a group, share from the heart, tap into ourselves and our togetherness, set intentions, practice gratitude and learn new holistic tools we can use for our own mental and emotional wellness.

If you've been looking for a community to aid you on your personal healing journey, come join our Gathering and grow with us together into the highest version of you.


Featured Art of the Month

Resilience x Rat Killer Tee for sale in my online shop. This collaboration was done with my friend and tattoo artist Andrew Green!

Get yours here:

At Our Weekly Check-In Hour:

Last night, Sentinel of the Rain Ryan Ward hosted our Check-In Hour. He led us through a lesson on Samskaras.

Samskaras are subtle impressions of our past actions. We constantly perform actions, but the ones that build the strongest impact on our being are ones with intention. The intention behind the action is what truly brings power to the action.

To rewire a pattern, we can use the steps taught from Samskaras.

  1. Intention
  • Being ready for change
  • Intensity
    • Cultivating a fiery passion
  • Slow Down / Align
    • Finding your center
  • Insight / Awareness
    • Understanding the lesson
  • Fearlessness
    • Pushing through resistance
  • Vision
    • Giving the new pattern life
  • Practice
    • Do it all again

    Reflecting on these teachings, Ryan posed us a few questions to journal on:

    • How can I be more reflective?
    • Out of the seven Samskaras, which do I need to work on?
    • What sends me into a tailspin?

    We can’t wait to see you next Thursday at 8pm est for our next Check-In Hour hosted by Chris!

    Remember, if it’s your first time and you are nervous to join, you can always hop on with no video or audio and just tune in. Just showing up is doing the hardest part, but it is so worth it for you to show up for yourself and do something good for your emotional + mental well-being.

    Save this link to access the weekly zoom call at 8pm est on Thursdays or click the link on the top green bar our website:

    We’ll see you then!

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