Rainy Day Report March 19, 2021

Hey Rain-Dwellers!

This morning I woke up and decided to make a conscious effort to choose the higher serving decision every time, even when the alternate one may feel good in the moment.

I pushed through resistance and fatigue this morning and got up at a time within my goal, meditated and reflected, and then got in morning movement.

I feel accomplished and I am celebrating the progress I have made in consistency this week by adding another layer of slow down to record my food/water consumption and exercise to further push my level of discipline and awareness.

This morning after my meditation I spoke aloud a mantra I have created for myself multiple times with my back erect and my chest forward. The posture and the words feel empowering to me and when I tap into that feeling, I feel ready to accomplish anything.

“I am the type of man who embodies confidence, discipline in my practice, intention in my action. I move with passionate purpose and in alignment with mind, body and spirit. I am a warrior.”

How is everyone showing up this morning?

At our weekly Check-In Hour last night, our very own Jack, a Sentinel of the Rain and a pillar of Resilience, led us through an exercise to let us bring all of our worry and anxieties out in a set time, then we wrote and spoke aloud action steps towards turning those worries around.

After this reflection, Jack led us into a short, peaceful meditation. This was his second time hosting a Check-In Hour and I am always in awe of his confidence and ability to articulate things in an easily digest-able way while making us all feel comfortable and held.

Thank you Jack and all who attended last night. Without you all, we could not create the magic that occurs on a weekly basis, your collective energy is powerful healing medicine for our community.

Some things to think about this week, for further contemplation:

-How would bringing more discipline in my daily life aid me?

-How can I slow down and be more intentional?

-What would my life look like if I feel aligned in body, mind and spirit?

Important Announcements:

General admission tickets are on sale now to our first annual Resilience Day!

This event will be held on May 2, 2021 from 10-6pm at Riverfront Park in Portland, CT. Come join us for a nice spring day full of live music, food trucks, artisan vendors and 1:1 + group healing sessions. This will also be the launch day of the Resilience Bus and Resilience Magazine! Celebrate art, community and mental health with us, tickets are available here:


Buying your ticket in advance greatly supports our event! Thank you!


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