Rainy Day Report - March 12, 2021

Hey Rain-Dwellers!

I've had a pretty heavy week and my emotional energy has felt really low. A lot of these feelings have come from having an expectation and not having control of the outcomes. This has felt true for me in multiple instances this week. I am learning that when I feel discouraged, reconnecting to what defines me and my why has helped to reignite my passionate self.

At our weekly Check-In Hour last night, our very own Victor Padilla, a Sentinel of the Rain and a pillar of Resilience, led us through an extended guided mindful meditation practice that really felt so collectively peaceful and grounding.

After pulling the Death Card from the Rider Tarot Deck, we then held space for each other to discuss death. Honoring those who have passed; as well as death of our past selves and a rebirth of a new energy and version of ourselves.

After this reflection, Victor led us into a quiet moment to honor our truths and set intentions. It was his first time hosting a Check-In Hour and we all appreciated his calming energy as it was much needed last night. Victor, your leadership and this personal victory is something to celebrate!

Thank you Victor and all who attended last night. Without you all, we could not create the magic that occurs on a weekly basis, your collective energy is powerful healing medicine for our community.

Some things to think about this week, for further contemplation of the meaning of Death:

-How will my life be different if I accept change rather than resist it?

-How can I slow down and get back to the basics?

-How can I take a more effective stand for my beliefs?

-What if every ending meant a new beginning?

Important Announcements:

This week we released general admission tickets to our first annual Resilience Day! This event will be held on May 2, 2021 from 10-6pm at Riverfront Park in Portland, CT. Come join us for a nice spring day full of live music, food trucks, artisan vendors and 1:1 + group healing sessions. This will also be the launch day of the Resilience Bus and Resilience Magazine! Celebrate art, community and mental health with us, tickets are available here:


Tonight at 7pm est! I am releasing a new crewneck sweatshirt! Pick up the first piece of Resilience gear dropped this year and wear it as armor to Protect Your Energy.

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